Comments on: Logitech Wireless Mouse Scroll Wheel Solution?
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Comments on: Logitech Wireless Mouse Scroll Wheel Solution?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
27-Oct-2005 16:29 GMT

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In my prior article, I described a serious problem with the scroll wheel on various Logitech mice (causes odd problems on web browsers). This article examines possible solutions, and will be updated as new solutions are found.

October 27th:

Nope, I was wrong. The problem is not fixed. At least not permanently.

Today, on rebooting the system, the problem returned. It appears the solution below did not have a permanent effect. You must return to the control panel and turn the "Use MS Compatible Scroll Only" off, then save, then turn it on again. How crazy is that?

Googling the web site again specifically for the MS string above, I find no mention of it. Yet, Googling the web in general, you'll find a number of users describing the problem. Also, I know from personal experience that this problem has existed for several years. Logitech support needs to get their act together and publish a solution.

October 26th:

Update Note: Good news, I think this problem has been solved. Here's how:

Someone suggested that I should check the middle button options in the mouse control panel - checking that it does not take an action. It did not. However, in the control panel, if you open the Buttons panel, then under Button Assignments select to modify the middle button, that's where the "Use MS Compatible Scroll Only" option hides out. Ah ha! Enabling that option appears to have fixed the problem. [Added note: actually not permanently. See above comment from October 27th.]

My suggestion to the Logitech support folks is that they should enable this option by default, and it might be a good idea to move the above option to the Buttons panel into the Scroller area, not under Button Assignments. Of course, something they could do right now (no software needed) would be to make sure their support search engine provides an easy way to find the solution. If not, I suppose many users will find it in the note I've typed here.



1-Jul-2007 21:23:22
I've been a loyal Logitech customer since the early 90's, maybe longer. I've got countless cordless mice and keyboard/mice combos (back room stuff) as I've upgraded many times. A few years ago, I bought a 'Cordless Duo' to upgrade to an optical mouse... totally unusable scroll wheel. Triggered the 'back' function in web pages sporadically (actually, quite predictably) when scrolled up and down. Funny thing is, it jumped to the previous page then, immediately back to the current page, reloading both in the process. Totally funky.

Fast forward to 2007, I just bought a Cordless Desktop EX110 thinking I would try again. Surely Logitech had fixed the issue by now... Nope, same problem. SetPoint software does nothing to fix it, and no option to 'use MS Compatible Scroll Only' in my WinXP Pro. Like yourself, looked to no avail on Logitech's support pages. You've got to be kidding, so I'm the only one of millions to have this issue?

I guess Logitech has rendered itself useless in the process of outsourcing and trying to be all things to all people. Used to be you had to pay around $100 for a cordless desktop set. This one was only $30, now I see why. I've very disappointed and I guess I'll be looking at a Kensington or MS alternative. Too bad, it was quite a run and I've been as faithful a customer as there could be.

8-Jul-2007 12:06:27
Just a quick update... After much reading and a DOH! or two, I've reached the conclusion that my KVM switch is the source of the problem. Taken out of the loop, the flakey scroll wheel problems have stopped. Another example of unpredictable hardware interaction. One would think that the KVM switch would do nothing more than pass mouse pin assignments through the device without interpretation. Apparently not in this case. FYI, this is a Belkin KVM and is now obsolete thanks to Logitech and evolving technology.
23-Jul-2007 16:29:41
I have a weird problem with my scroll wheel: it's "possessed".. It means that it doesn't matter which mouse I connect to my PC (tried cable and radio, Logitech and not) and to which port (PS/2 or USB), it simply keep scrolling randomly in a persistent way, even without touching the mouse at all. Naturally it doesn't work when it's me that want to scroll something.. And since I tried various mices and desktops, I assume that it's a sort of hardware problem (maybe my motherboard, Asus P5WD2 Premium with WiFi). What's strange is that it wasn't like this when I assembled my PC: everything worked just fine, including my Logitech Cordless Desktop LX500. Anyway, my case is almost the same: no way to find information on it, nor a solution..
31-Jul-2007 6:34:12
I have the same problem - Logitech EX110, Belkin KVM and two machines connected to it. This is what drives me insane; I have a Vista machine and a Linux machine. The keyboard and mouse are recognized by both, but the scroll wheel doesn't work in Vista ONLY. Linux it works fine. It's also recognized as a PS/2 Compatible mouse (the KVM is PS/2) and I can't change that. Any suggetsions? If I plug the mouse directly into the Vista machine, works without a hitch. Why does it work in Linux through the KVM and not Vista?
28-Jan-2008 8:07:40
Yeah I have a mouse problem with the KVM as well. I have a new logitec wireless mouse and keyboard set that my wife got for my b-day. It is plugged into a d-link KVM with a linux box on one side and a winxp sp2 box on the other. when I scroll up quickly or reach the end of the page, it acts as if I hit the reload button or the back button on my browser kinda at random. it does it on firefox/ linux, and on opera/windows. I havent tried removing the KVM (because i cant live without it) but i bet it is related. -d
10-Feb-2008 11:59:32
i like to eat apples but i bought a keyboard, and now i don't. It is wierd.
23-Mar-2008 17:25:51
i connected my logitech cordless kb+mouse combo to IOgear KVM. All machiens are windows XP2. It was working fine without Logitech software. I had to re-install my OS for some reason just the middle wheel stopped working now. Is there any option in the control panel which would make this work? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, RT

2-Jun-2008 8:02:29
I stumbled across this page while looking up a possible solution for the same problem, only different brand devices.

I too am using a KVM switch (offbrand Airlink) on my two PC systems, however one is Win XP, the other is Win Vista. While I am using a Windows "Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0" It seems the problem is not just Logitech, but something with the KVM switch programs.

All that I have my mouse set to in intellimouse is to just scroll with the scroll wheel, but it just wasnt doing the job, it was either too strong a scroll in Win XP, or too weak to do any good in Win Vista. I might have found a possible solution: I had gotten an old Memorex PS/2 mouse a long time ago and pulled it out to try it and see if it worked, and it was the same thing, no scroll in Vista. I went out to the Memorex site and got the one single driver for mice that was on their site, installed it, restarted, set the strength of the scroll, and now I have scrolling back on all my mice, no matter how many times I switch PCs. Also, if your mouse has sideways scrolling, it was not disabled on my mouse, so it should still work for you.

I found the driver here:

I hope it helps, it was frustrating having the scroll go haywire after I had gotten used to it for years!

2-Jun-2008 8:04:38
Just a note: You have to set the new strength for the scroll in the Memorex program that will startup when you turn on your PC and it will be in the system tray.
13-Jan-2009 13:02:07

Last comment (Solution #4) says it just cleaned mouse with air spray and it did help.

My Logitech V150 did not scroll down properly, only some times and then refused, scrolling up was ok. I used spray and my Logitech V150 is scrolling without problems, first happy hour for me ;).

Brad A.
5-Feb-2009 12:02:13
One of my computers connected through a KVM switch recently started exhibiting problems with the scroll wheel functionality. Specifically, when back scrolling in IE & Opera, the browser would hit the top of the page and then act like it was told to go to the previous page.

I solved this just now by going to My Computer -> Properties -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> Mouse Properties -> ADvance Settings and changing the Input Buffer Length from 100 to 200. After re-booting, both browsers work fine on my problem machine.

Hope this Helps !

3-Apr-2009 13:33:46
Same problem as Brad A. --- His solution WORKED!! Thank you soooo much!!!
11-Apr-2009 11:08:48
My optical mouse has worked great for six months. Then, all of a sudden this week, it randomly pops to a different window. It also will switch to the round thing with the diagonal line through it, or it will pop over to the right scroll down and lock and keep going down a browser window by itself. Outside the browser window it can start drawing a box with a blue outline and a transparent background. I've also been a text box like this on a forum, and it randomly puts me back a screen (unpredictably, that is). It also won't react at all, or will react 30 seconds later to clicking on the x or the - to close or minimize a window. And then, it switches sometimes to working, but only very slowly. It will also switch without my hand even on the mouse, sometimes, to that scroll down control that pops up in a window where the mouse pointer changes to an up and down arrow... this is so frustrating!
20-Sep-2009 1:16
Fixable by going into the SetPoint settings, changing it to 'Other' - 'Select Function' - 'Middle Button' which restores the normal WinXP behaviour.
2-Dec-2009 11:33:42
Let me guess, you're all using KVM Switches right? USB or PS/2? The scroll button on these Logitech wireless mice don't work with KVM switches. It goes haywire. PLUS, if you have the Logitech SetPoint software (4.8 is latest as I write this) installed, the mouse tab is missing and only keyboard tabs appear. if you plug the remote into your computer directly, the mouse&keyboard appear in SetPoint and the mouse works perfectly with the scroll wheel.
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dan d
1-Mar-2010 21:28:15
Came across this page by searching for "logitech mouse scrolls randomly". It definitely was my KVM switch. I wanted to add this comment to bump up the relevance on google and thank everyone for their help.
30-Mar-2010 14:05:25
Discovered this post with the same KVM switch/scroll wheel issue. Kudo to Brad A. for his fix. It appears to have been the ticket. Nice job!

Brad A.-"I solved this just now by going to My Computer -> Properties -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> Mouse Properties -> ADvance Settings and changing the Input Buffer Length from 100 to 200. After re-booting, both browsers work fine on my problem machine."

25-May-2010 20:54:42
i just had the same problem and couldn't find the answer. when i was typing in a website i saw the it was putting the second function so i just hit shift AND IT WORKED!!^^
28-Sep-2010 21:57:44
I am using a simple wireless optical mouse of dell with just two buttons for left and right click and a wheel for scrolling and it is working quite good for me from almost a year :-) Cheers! its David from
7-Apr-2011 4:46:45
So far I blew air (breaths) where the wheel is and oddly it is working for me for now anyway. Good thing I did not buy this (it was given to me). However, if this keeps up, may have to buy another mouse.
9-Jun-2011 1:39:19
Heidi! Thank you alot, even if it is common sense to try blowing air into the mouse, I read your comment and followed the advice. It was for a MS wireless mouse, but anyway, it worked :)
4-Jul-2012 22:11:34
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5-Sep-2012 21:54
Apple user here. 'Yoose guys' are right. Blowing compressed air in the wheel fixed the prob. Many thanks.
24-Jan-2013 20:26:05
I'm having a somewhat similar problem with the wheel on my Logitech trackball. I'm not using a KVM switch. The wheel scrolling stops working intermittently: scrolling one or two (or more) ticks up or down is being ignored, specifically in Chrome but not Firefox. In SetPoint, turning on "Enable smooth scrolling" fixed the issue of scroll ticks being ignored, but I found smooth scrolling annoying. Switching the wheel-button command to "Do Nothing" appeared to fix the problem - until through testing I changed it to something else, and then back to "Do Nothing," whereupon the same problem occured. And it's inconsistent on how many scroll-ticks it takes for the app to respond. Clearly, there are bugs in SetPoint or the Logitech driver (or both), but it looks like it's more complicated than that: interactivity with different apps would suggest timing or app compatibility issues. Still looking for a solution.

p.s. Spambots are silly.

8-Dec-2014 19:14:56
SetPoint is the most horrible piece of software ever made. Logitech has not fixed the missing settings tab bug for over 5 years.
15-Apr-2016 9:59:54
What is this I've use my mouse for almost five month then suddenly trigger me to a problem. The mouse pointer not moving but the wheel button functioning well. Please advise resolution pertaining to this issue. Thanks in advance.
Tammy Preston
22-Jul-2016 3:01:56
Why is the scroll on my mouse not working at all, everything else works on it,very frustrating.It is 4 years old, should I buy a new mouse,please,i need help!
8-Oct-2016 9:52:49
I had the same problem for many months/years. I unplugged my 3Dconnexion SpaceExplorer and now I do not have the problem with the Logitech scroll wheel anymore. Hope it helps.
John Spinks
10-Jan-2017 7:07:01
I've been looking 5hrs. for solution M235 wheel Scrolls then stops, scrolls when fresh, after 2 min. stops.Tried new batteries, when I blow hard, (come on) through the crack, (I told you come on) So every time I blow it either side of the wheel it scrolls about 30 sec, then same again, tried cleaning again, still same. but blow it & works?? not just some times , every time. Go figure?? Might be hot air.. Not Dust?? Any Ideas??
John Spinks
10-Jan-2017 7:18:52
Previous Blog, Also when I Press Wheel Button it scrolls itself all day, or click on the Bar (far Right) not sure what you call the bar, but this works also, Just the wheel when I roll it won't scroll. Sometimes if I tapped it it worked or scrolled hard & fast.. Me thinks it is a MECHANICAL problem, not electrica. Same as previous, Any clues at all??
Rahul Paul
19-May-2017 9:02:10
I had scroll wheel issue with one of my wireless mouse from Logitech. I am Using Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse( with my laptop. Initially scroll wheel was working fine on normal table. BUt after some time it stops working so i ordered a mouse matt and when i started to use that matt it works fine. So it may be possible your table or other space is creating problem instead of mouse
9-Mar-2018 17:37:10
I have a wireless logitech M280, the scroll just goes up and down when i move it, i disassembled it, cleaned it and even put some tape so the "click" in the scroll so it would work. However I still got a few times the "randomness" of movement.

Then I tried with air and now works perfect. Always try first with air...

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