Comments on: Improving alpha/beta release download page
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Improving alpha/beta release download page

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
7-Oct-2005 20:19 GMT

Article #0210
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New test versions of REBOL have been available on the Interim Builds page but finding the most recent version of REBOL for a specific OS could be a pain.

We've wanted to fix that for a while, and we just did. The most recent releases can now be found in a summary table near the top of the page. The links for Core and View take you directly to the download.

Note that for some platforms, the links are directly to binary executables. You may need to right click in your browser to download those files. We are going to eliminate that. We figure most developers know how to unzip or untar.gz files.

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