Comments on: Rome, Milan, and REBOL DevCon
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Comments on: Rome, Milan, and REBOL DevCon

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
4-Oct-2005 23:30 GMT

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What a great place for a DevCon. Italy is full of big dreams, amazing inventions, abundant art, and grand accomplishments. It was inspiring.

You find yourself dreaming or, more accurately, seriously desiring to slip back in time to experience the Rome of 100 AD...

As you slip back, the palace of Emperor Claudius feels strangely like home. This photo shows maybe, maybe, 1% of the entire palace:

And nearby, the incredible Roman Colessium. Built in a mere eight years; it's an engineering marvel:

Here is an ancient programmer carved in stone... Is he dwelling in Java, or perhaps, yes... is he innovating in REBOL?

The huge dome of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican boggles the mind. The scale simply cannot be photographed. Here's an attempt. Note that the object in the foreground can fit into the small center window space (hole) of the dome above:

Of course, Roman life once presented many contradictions and perhaps it still does. Here is a metro stop that provides directions on how to exit:

"Uscita" means "exit". Yes, Rome really does get you thinking.

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