Comments on: Word Browser Update
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Word Browser Update

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
17-Sep-2005 16:58 GMT

Article #0207
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I am happy to mention that the Word Browser now has resizing and mouse wheel scrolling thanks to the excellent programming enhancements of Didier Cadieu.

If you have yet to test drive the REBOL Word Browser, and you program in REBOL, I think you might find the Browser worth trying. The browser makes the REBOL dictionary come alive. It includes both browsing (by category and by word) as well as word search. And it keeps a stack of the words you've viewed for quick navigation. The browser is available in the REBOL/Tools folder of the REBOL/View viewtop.

Although we have a long list of additional features (see Word Browser article), I think this release is good enough to call beta. So far no bugs have been reported from the prior release, but if you find something, please let us know.

One of the main areas of our focus in the future will be to improve and expand on the descriptions of each word. Of course, we plan to make that as a riki (or whatever we decide to call a REBOL-based wiki) where the community can contribute to the quality of the dictionary.

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