Comments on: Yep... REBOL Summertime
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Comments on: Yep... REBOL Summertime

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
28-Jul-2005 3:52 GMT

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As it happens each year... software development slows down as REBOLers in the northern hemisphere relax in the sun. I've gotten really used to the pattern, especially with so many REBOLers living in Europe.

Of course, back here at REBOL HQ, we know how to relax a bit too. Here's a photo from a small lake in central California where our family spent a few days earlier this month.

The cabins are right on the lake, making it pleasant... to take a quick swim or go for a boat ride, and let's not forget wakeboarding fun too.

In the background, my son, who just graduated from high school, plays a tune by Will Smith: Summertime. He says it sums it up really well.

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