Comments on: Doc Friday: REBOL Documentation Gone Critical
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Doc Friday: REBOL Documentation Gone Critical

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
15-Jul-2005 0:44 GMT

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REBOL Technologies has just instituted "Doc Friday" -- Every Friday we will focus on releasing documentation improvements of all kinds. Why? Because we get too many feedbacks like this one from a concerned REBOL user:

Rebol is looking good these days, and I'm getting even more excited about its possibilities, but I'm also getting very concerned about the current state of it's documentation, which is very out of date, and falling more and more behind with each new software release. I can't tell you how disappointed I am that there's no mention in your blog of an imminent remedy for this situation.

With more and more users learning REBOL, documentation has become more critical than ever before. So, we are going to fix that situation. We have already started adding knowledgeable REBOL writers to our doc team. But, we need even more, so...

If you have a strong understanding for various parts of REBOL and also good user manual writing skills... please contact me!

We also plan to be adding wiki features to some of the existing docs such as the REBOL Dictionary, as well as a complete method for doc source access (revisions and translations) via REBOL/Services.



Peter Wood
17-Nov-2006 6:00:45
I hope that Doc Friday hasn't been forgotten whilst efforts are being concentrated on Rebol3.

A day a week spent documenting the week's code would not only ease the work in documenting the final product but it would also create the space needed for regular reflection on the decisions taken during the week.

Timely, well-written documentation is going to be an important, if not critical, factor in Rebol3's success.

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