Comments on: Surfing REB Index files
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Surfing REB Index files

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
15-Jun-2005 0:52 GMT

Article #0176
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So, you want to build your own code to surf the REB? Here's where to find the official parser of the REB.

Run REBOL/View, and look in the Viewtop/Docs/Developer folder. You will see a file called "REB Index". Click it for a demo, then right click and "edit" it to view the source code for parsing a REB index file. This is the actual code that does it, so this code provides the official spec of a REB index.

Or, you can also get it with:

write %reb-index.r

So... where is that REB search engine you've been promising? With this code, it should be easy to get started on it. (Hint hint)

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