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Comments on: Text Markup Dialect (TMD) for

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
5-Feb-2005 19:21 GMT

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I've been considering how we might add rich text (or what we sometimes refer to as "color text") to REBOL for several years (in fact, since the original design stage of REBOL/View). I've noticed that there has been some recent discussion on this topic, so before you get too far down the road, I wanted to give you my thoughts on this topic.

I've written a mini-proposal/whitepaper called REBOL Text Markup Dialect that you might want to read if you are interested in this topic.



Marco (Coccinelle)
16-Dec-2006 12:54:23
Hi Carl,

I have tried an implementation of TMD, it's here for the moment :


  • TMD is rendered
  • Cursor is managed
  • Hightlight is managed
  • Basic keyboard input is managed
It's a prototype, but it can be usefull to check the valifity of the dialect.

I'm not sur that blocks for combining attributes is a good idea, I would prefer start / stop markup for that. For example :

[bold "only this text is bold" #bold "this text is bold" italic "this text is bold and italic" /bold "this text is normal"]

So when there is an word! only the next string is changed and when you have the sequence of issue! ... refinement! all the text between these markup are changed.

It's an idea to discuss, Marco.

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