Comments on: New DRAW Function Added
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Comments on: New DRAW Function Added

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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Those of you who look at RAMBO will notice that I've added a DRAW function to /View. Why? Because, it allows DRAW commands (SVG) to be created without needing a FACE and the TO-IMAGE function. With it, users can more easily prebuild vector graphics, and if the image is static, it is more efficient too. Besides, it was just one line of C code to add it (ignoring declarations, etc.), and that's a rare thing.

The function can take an existing image (and draw on top of it) or create a new image of a given size. The commands are identical to the DRAW effect.

image: draw logo [box 20x20 40x40]
image: draw 300x300 [box 20x20 40x40 line 0x0 300x300]

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