Comments on: REBOL Message Board Tutorial Project a Success
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Comments on: REBOL Message Board Tutorial Project a Success

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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A small group met Sunday on a temporary IOS for a few hours to crank out the basics of the message board tutorial. I would like to thank Volker Nitsch, Tom Conlin, and Gregg Irwin for taking the time to participate in the project.

The tutorial document is still being written, but you can try out the actual system and see the source code at on our web site, although this is a temporary location and will eventually be moved.

Please keep in mind that this was written as a tutorial example. Our intention was to keep it simple, and indeed it is. We know that it is far from being the ideal message board, but we may add additional modules to make it more useful. Or, you can add them yourself and write your own tutorial about it. That works too.

Read last week's blog for more details on this project.



7-Sep-2010 22:09:41

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