Comments on: RAMBO Update
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Comments on: RAMBO Update

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies

Article #0037
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When submitting new entries, RAMBO was a bit confusing. If you submitted a report, then looked for it in the "New Submissions" area, you would not see it. Instead the report would be posted in the "Pending Changes" section. The reason is that RAMBO changes are made via journal entries. The Pending Changes section shows the journal of changes, but those don't move to the New Submissions area until they've been read and approved. This allows RAMBO rangers (helpers) to make changes to the database, but require an approval step before being made to the database.

To prevent confusion, we now show new entries in the New Submissions area, even if they have not yet been approved. We hope this is more clear to users. They can now see their new entries in the area where they would expect them to be.

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