Comments on: Mac OS X - Note on Alpha /Pro and /Command
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Comments on: Mac OS X - Note on Alpha /Pro and /Command

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There seems to be a problem running the versions of REBOL that allow dynamic linking to DLLs. That's because OSX does not support dlopen() the standard POSIX function found on all other Unix systems. We attempted a work-around by linking to a "bridging" library, but we were not aware that part of that library was dynamically linked itself, causing an error.

Not to worry. We will find a way to build an interface to the OSX native library interface, dyld, which should solve this problem.



7-Jun-2018 0:33:46
Quiet a well-written article really! Informative as well as interesting! I've just got my MacBook after being repaired by Apple Support UK . Thanks for the post!

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