Comments on: Apple Macintosh OS X - Alpha Releases!
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Comments on: Apple Macintosh OS X - Alpha Releases!

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We are constantly getting questions about Mac OSX. They are probably the most frequent feedback requests we receive. As we've said before, we think OSX is important. Of course, in the world of computing, words are cheap. So, to prove that we are committed to OSX, today we released four new alpha versions of REBOL for OSX: /Core, /Base, /Pro, and /Command.

Now, we need your help testing them. So, if you've been beating on us to support OSX, this is your chance. We need your help to test these releases. In fact, if you want to test OSX, we'll give you a free SDK license key to unlock all the special features.

Please keep in mind that these are alpha versions, which means that they are completely untested. The only thing we promise is that they boot and give you a prompt. But, that's enough to start testing. Go to it.

The downloads can be found: here

To request a free OSX license key: click here then choose the "Mac OS X" platform, click the Purchase button, then click Purchase Order, fill out the form, and proceed. Cindy will send you the license.key file.



Neil Bhisma
31-Oct-2018 6:36:53
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