Comments on: Open Source Book from a Friend
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Comments on: Open Source Book from a Friend

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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A friend of mine, and a local Ukiahian (lives on a nearby hilltop and also grows grapes), Larry Rosen, recently wrote a book on open source licensing. Larry is well-known in open source communities. He is the author of the Academic Free License, both 1 and 2 and is also very active in OSI (Open Source Initiative). The book is called Open Source Licensing, Software Freedom and Intellectual Propertly Law, by Lawrence Rosen. You can easily locate it on or elsewhere.

Over the last few years, Larry and I have had many discussions about the current state of open source, software licensing in general, and also about REBOL's future related to that topic.

I highly recommend this book and hope to be saying more about it on the main website soon. If that sounds like a shameless plug (promotion) for a friend... well, it is.

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