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Linux 64 bit Rebol/Core test release [0552] 19 CmtsAbuse
Tim Johnson
16-Jan-2017 0:51:48
I've got the 64-bit version running on ubuntu 14.04. I also have used the 32-bit vers. for years with ia32-libs. I have a large, relatively complex application for invoicing that I built using rebol, many years ago and is the only thing I do with rebol any more. It seems to work find with the new 64-bit version. I can verify the load error and readline is all screwed up.
Logitech Wireless Mouse Scroll Wheel Solution? [0213] 32 CmtsAbuse
John Spinks
10-Jan-2017 7:18:52
Previous Blog, Also when I Press Wheel Button it scrolls itself all day, or click on the Bar (far Right) not sure what you call the bar, but this works also, Just the wheel when I roll it won't scroll. Sometimes if I tapped it it worked or scrolled hard & fast.. Me thinks it is a MECHANICAL problem, not electrica. Same as previous, Any clues at all??
John Spinks
10-Jan-2017 7:07:01
I've been looking 5hrs. for solution M235 wheel Scrolls then stops, scrolls when fresh, after 2 min. stops.Tried new batteries, when I blow hard, (come on) through the crack, (I told you come on) So every time I blow it either side of the wheel it scrolls about 30 sec, then same again, tried cleaning again, still same. but blow it & works?? not just some times , every time. Go figure?? Might be hot air.. Not Dust?? Any Ideas??

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