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Linux 64 bit Rebol/Core test release [0552] 20 CmtsAbuse
10-Feb-2017 14:33:03
Tim: don't rely on any function that make cyphering/checksuming/hashing as they haven't be ported to correctly handle integers as 32bits! They are compiled to be 64bits wide, but the algorithm are relying on 32bits values!
An Interesting REBOL Non-bytecode Virtual Machine (VM) [0196] 1 CmtsAbuse
jack N.
11-Feb-2017 11:52:39
This is probably old, but I've just started coding in rebol 3 years ago. Some programs that I've written requires a lot of speedups, specially in android. I think running rebcode along normal rebol code is necessary for some memory intensive programs.

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