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Website update, new projects, fresh thoughts [0554] 39 CmtsAbuse
24-Oct-2018 15:16:43
8 month since this post. And nothing else.

Carl why is it so difficult for the inventor of "the Messaging Language" to create, mantain a dinamic around rebol.

Let's say tomorrow you entitle me with that task. I use rebol I don't build it. It would be very difficult to do that in your place. You are the only one with a true understanding of rebol. You are the one able create a foundation to teach people how it's done. Do you think that linux kernel project would be where it is without the backing and organising of Linus Torvald?

I understand you don't want to spend your whole life on rebol. But at the mean time you don't delegate and don't ask for help.

You could do crowd founding for road maps proposal for example.

you could create an developper community to share knowledge test new ideas, see if they raise monney.

you want to make rebol the next big thing contact google present them rebol and say you propose it to be the javascript remplacement. create a community that gives a purpose to rebol. You could have done that 15 years ago and still can.

Saying rebol is for ELITE is as empty as REBOL is for every purpose.

Viva la Rebolution

CGI requires content-length [0553] 2 CmtsAbuse
Eudy Dhe
19-Nov-2018 9:15:36
The most essential output for a CGI program is a straightforward report in either plain text or HTML, which the browser shows as it would any document on the Web. Visit
Linux 64 bit Rebol/Core test release [0552] 22 CmtsAbuse
Eudy Dhe
6-Nov-2018 6:31:40
Linux is a very robust Operating System. It is very secure and reliable also. But sometimes it can be very tough to use. I was having trouble with my printer connecting to my laptop. But the blog on the following website helped me out, visit
Bad face in screen pane - what a pain! [0545] 61 CmtsAbuse
Paul Schutte
6-Nov-2018 23:55:13
In case anyone struggles to get rebol/view working on ubuntu 18.04:
sudo apt install xfonts-100dpi xfonts-75dpi
sudo apt install libxt6:i386
sudo apt install libxaw7:i386
sudo apt install libfreetype6:i386

And reboot your machine

The fonts should solve the error mentioned in this post
Junk patent stops MS Word sales!? [0419] 7 CmtsAbuse
Neil Bhisma
23-Oct-2018 11:16:30
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That Pesky Bobcat [0334] 109 CmtsAbuse
Dr Sango Kumalo
17-Nov-2018 21:41:08
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Mary Jaime
8-Nov-2018 12:45:50
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Apple MacBook Shutdown Power / Battery Problem [0289] 21 CmtsAbuse
12-Nov-2018 12:09:16
I have an issue when I install the hp accelerometer driver on my MacBook its shows an error at that time I looking for support and regarding this, I visit a website:-
DPC watchdog violation w
12-Nov-2018 10:44:11
DPC Watchdog violation Windows 10 is that common issue that is prominent in every Windows OS. If thatís the case with you, then here you will get the easiest solutions to get rid of this error easily. Visit us to resolve this error:
10-Nov-2018 7:57:49
Thanks so much! I've been wondering about this for a while. I had no clue that my laptop usage was so inefficient...

Neeraj Singh
29-Oct-2018 10:50:35
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Elina Williams
22-Oct-2018 6:20:21
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Browser Plugin Update [0277] 11 CmtsAbuse
Jack Denial
23-Oct-2018 7:43:59
This is really a great feature of REBOL that is an Auto-update plugin which is a compatible version for the entire browser. Actually, I am looking for other feature for Mozilla Firefox browser. If anyone having any problem related to their Mozilla Firefox browser then I will recommend this link
Apple Macintosh OS X - Alpha Releases! [0022] 1 CmtsAbuse
Neil Bhisma
31-Oct-2018 6:36:53
I just read entire blog of yours, it was quite good to know about Apple Macintosh OS X. I hope you will elaborate it more on your next blog.But anyway those who are interested to know more Macintosh OS X then i suggest you to read: blog to know more information.

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