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Website update, new projects, fresh thoughts [0554] 35 CmtsAbuse
19-Jul-2018 20:31:52
r2/view in the public domaine just for educational purpose would be fantastic.

Nice to see you back in rebol universe.

Steven White
14-Jul-2018 1:10:18
It seems I was wrong about https; might have been thinking of ftps, which might make the point just as strongly.
Steven White
13-Jul-2018 14:16:03
I would be interested. REBOL 2 might not be absolutely perfect in the eyes of its creator, but it still is really good.

Just yesterday I wanted to parse a web site accessible only with https. I couldn't do it in R2 (if I understand things correctly) but I was able to get the job done with REBOL 3 from saphirion dot com. But R3 seemed not to be able to send an email of my parsing results. Everything seems to be missing just one or two key pieces.

It seems to me, not knowing how any of this stuff really works, that REBOL 2, "imperfect" as it might seem, still could be really useful with just a few updates (https, tls, some issues with "call," run on 64-bit linux, binary files on clipboard).

REBOL 2: Live long, even if you can't prosper.

Another Max
12-Jul-2018 20:35:34
Hi Carl,

Rebol 2 on git would most likely be the single most useful thing to do to promote Rebol and give it a long happy life.

And as the comments above show, it would be very useful to many of us, including myself.

Why not setup a crowdfunding project to finance it ?

Probably that many of us would be interested in participating.

Peter Brown
20-Jun-2018 9:20:30
4 months since the last post... :-(
That Pesky Bobcat [0334] 101 CmtsAbuse
7-Jul-2018 16:07:17
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Time for Weekly Builds [0310] 1 CmtsAbuse
20-Jun-2018 7:08:44
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