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Website update, new projects, fresh thoughts [0554] 58 CmtsAbuse
7-Sep-2019 15:23:15
Oldes, AFAIK Bobik is doing small useful apps. Working with data, you often need two basic things - DB connectors and at least the basic ability to display a columnar data (grid). None of that is yet awailable for Red, or is it? I do remember some R/S SQLite scheme, but not sure about any kind of text-list?
28-Aug-2019 10:02:17
(at)Bobik72 (Unfortunately) Red's GUI is the most advanced at this moment. If there is something what makes it not "usable", you should report it in proper places.

(at)Steven in my opinion Atronix build is not a solution, because I cannot consider it open source anymore. Although the main source code is still being updated occasionally in this repository: it depends on submodules which are not public. For this day it depends on these private only repositories: angle, skia, reb-skia and remotery. Without these you cannot make own Atronix build.

Also if you look at issues in the Atronix's repository, you may see that there is nobody responding to any of these.

Steven White
24-Aug-2019 14:03:25
There might be a fourth solution here:
23-Aug-2019 7:26:11
Thank you very much guys for the info! :-) I still use R2 for scripting but there is limitation of non-supporting the UTF, Unicode etc. And this is fatal for me working with czech and finish chars :-)) The solution is for me great R3 Saphir release but yes it is also "dead" - what a pitty!!! :-) And yes third solution is RED of course but still not "usable" GUI for me :-)
What Toshiba Didn't Tell Me [0065] 16 CmtsAbuse
Mia Taylor
10-Sep-2019 7:29:21
Great blog you posted. Thank you for the ideas.

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