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An open conversation about open source with Larry Rosen

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
16-Oct-2012 20:48 GMT

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I had lunch today with Larry Rosen, top open source guru, prior general counsel to the Open Source Initiative, prior director of Apache Software Foundation, advisor to Python software, Free Standards Group, and the author of the Academic Free License, Open Software License, Open Source Licensing Software Freedom and Intellectual Property Law, and much more.

I quickly discovered that my understanding of licenses like GPL is a bit lacking, and that there are common misconceptions about these popular source licenses. I'm sure I'm not alone here.

As the author of AFL and OSL, Larry provides a unique perspective, and I've invited him to join our conversation.

Although all parts of the license are open for discussion, the main issue I have is point #2 from what I suggested in Defining the REBOL source license:

In return, when you make improvements to that system, you agree to send them back, and if I decide to include them in future distributions, they can be used gratis and libre, not only by me, but by everyone else.

As you know I've more recently been leaning toward the Apache 2.0 license, but I not totally comfortable yet. So, I'm eager to hear Larry's insight.

I should add that Larry made many similar comments to those you posted earlier. That this is about building and expanding the community and its involvement... and avoiding a fracture to the common standard that is the REBOL system.


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