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Where to publish the R3 source?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
15-Oct-2012 2:19 GMT

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Assuming that the license issue gets resolved soon, the next question is where to publish the source code?

As I noted earlier, there will be two main archive sites:

  1. The official source distribution (rel-src) - published on a server.
  2. The development source (dev-src) - published on a popular source site that's easy to manage and simple to download and update.

The first is easy to set-up. For now it can just be an tar or zip that you can download by clicking a link.

For the second, I'm thinking about GitHub. That's where I posted R3 module code source, and it's being used for other projects too.

So, does that sound ok? Do you know of any problems using GitHub for this purpose?

Update: R3 source has been released. The source repository is: - as official releases are made, they'll be posted to website.


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