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Changing the REBOL File Suffix

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
12-Feb-2011 1:51 GMT

Article #0507
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Up until recently REBOL files used the ".r" suffix and it wasn't really a problem. However, that suffix is used for other purposes, such as resource files on MacOS/OSX and statistics scripts in the R language. And, I've heard of a few others, like rendering scripts at Dreamworks.

For R3 I thought we'd move to .reb, but most users seem to already be using .r3 for scripts. Of course the advantage is that .r3 clearly distinguishes the script for R3.

It's been suggested that we use:

 .r2for REBOL 2 files
 .r3for REBOL 3 files
 .rfor files that run on both

That seems close, but it does not solve the basic .r conflict with other systems. Perhaps it would be better to use .reb instead.

A good example of the problem can be seen if you edit a .r script on recent Linux distributions. Most editors do not associate .r with REBOL, and you end up with the wrong syntax coloring. The more unique suffixes of .r2, .r3, and .reb would avoid that problem.

Let me know your thoughts. It's a good time to decide.


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