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Quick Way to List VID GUI Styles

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
7-Nov-2010 4:30 GMT

Article #0496
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Sometimes I regret not publishing an R2 GUI hints web page or blog... to help teach beginners. There are many useful tricks, but they aren't usually that obvious.

Here's one to remember. It displays all predefined R2 face styles and their descriptions:

foreach [name obj] system/view/vid/vid-styles [
    print [name "-" obj/doc/info]

face - base face style
blank-face - empty style (transparent, minimized)
IMAGE - base style for images
BACKDROP - image scaled to fill pane
BACKTILE - image tiled to fill pane
BOX - shortcut for image
BAR - horizontal separator
SENSOR - transparent sensor area
KEY - keyboard action
BASE-TEXT - base text style
VTEXT - video text (light on dark)
TEXT - document text
BODY - document text
TXT - document text
BANNER - video text title
VH1 - video text heading
VH2 - video text heading
VH3 - video text heading
VH4 - video text heading
LABEL - label for dark background
VLAB - label for dark forms, right aligned
LBL - label for light background
LAB - label for light forms, right aligned
TITLE - document title
H1 - document heading
H2 - document heading
H3 - document heading
H4 - document heading
H5 - document heading
TT - typewriter text (monospaced)
CODE - source code text (monospaced)
BUTTON - rectangular, rendered buttons
CHECK - rectangular, rendered buttons
CHECK-MARK - transparent sensor area
RADIO - transparent sensor area
CHECK-LINE - base text style
RADIO-LINE - base text style
LED - rectangular, rendered buttons
ARROW - rectangular, rendered buttons
TOGGLE - rectangular, rendered buttons
ROTARY - rectangular, rendered buttons
CHOICE - rectangular, rendered buttons
DROP-DOWN - document text
ICON - base face style
FIELD - base face style
INFO - base face style
AREA - base face style
SLIDER - base face style
SCROLLER - base face style
PROGRESS - base style for images
PANEL - base style for images
LIST - base style for images
TEXT-LIST - document text
ANIM - base style for images
BTN - base face style
BTN-ENTER - base face style
BTN-CANCEL - base face style
BTN-HELP - base face style
LOGO-BAR - base style for images
TOG - base face style


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