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Queuing up the R3 Function Split Out

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
22-Sep-2010 17:11 GMT

Article #0487
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As we get closer to finishing R3, it has come time to organize the R3 default functions (modules). This is important so I'm mentioning this here on the main blog as well as the R3 blog.

Resident code within R3 will include these categories:

  1. Always there: The essential primary functions of the system.
  2. Optionally removed: Useful or "handy" functions that most programs might want, but various other programs may not. (We've also referred to this as the "plus" package.
  3. Optionally included: Useful modules for specific purposes, like CGI, HTML processing, network protocols, database access, etc.

When you boot R3, you'll normally get the first two, and your program can use w:import to include any of the third. A command line option can be specified to only get the first one (and of course you can control that in a host-kit build as well.)

There are a few phases to this project:

  1. Split out the primary system functions from those that are "handy" but not essential.
  2. Gather any other useful functions that we want resident in the system.
  3. Collect resident modules that users might want to import.

This official site for archiving these files will be R3 DevBase, which is easy to access from R3 on any client or server, no installation required. (And, it also give me the ability to use small REBOL scripts to manage the build process better.)


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