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REBOL 2.7.7 - Does it install correctly?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
15-Jan-2010 21:45 GMT

Article #0455
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We got a feedback today saying that REBOL/View 2.7.7 is a "thug" because it puts folders on the Windows desktop! If that's true, it's news to us! Certainly, such behavior is not intentional -- and we'll fix it immediately if we can track it down.

When we test on our systems, we see the REBOL program icon. That's all. The other folders are in their installation locations.

However, if you installed a previous version of REBOL, newer versions will use the same location information. That's considered a feature. If the user says put the files in some location, we'll keep them there.

Let's gather some info on this, so we can figure it out. Post any notes here that can help us track it down, and we'll fix it for 2.7.8. Thanks.


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