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Website Changes - Don't Panic

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
2-Jan-2010 23:20 GMT

Article #0449
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During the next few weeks you'll be seeing major changes to the website. We've been talking about this for many months, and the time has arrived for changes to begin.

  • First, I should note that every page of the new website will be built using the REBOL WIP Wiki. Each page will have a consistent layout and CSS, and there won't be any more out-of-date pages displaying obsolete menus or links.
  • Second, it will take some time to get every page cleaned up and converted into the new system. New pages will be added and various old pages will be removed or renamed. This whole process is a lot tricker than it seems because of various permalinks into the existing website. We've found from past changes that it's very easy to accidentally damage search engine ranking, so some of the older pages will automatically redirect to the newer content.
  • Third, don't flip out about the graphics. We'll be using placeholders to start, then once we have new images and CSS mods ready, it takes only a few seconds for REBOL to rebuild the entire site. That's easy, and we can continue to make adjustments in the future without major time commitments.
  • Fourth, the home page will be the last page rebuilt -- once we know all the other pages are ready. We don't want 404's from the home page.


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