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R3.0 Plan for December 2009

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
1-Dec-2009 18:35 GMT

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During November

Main developments during the month were:

  • Major progress was made on the R3 host environment source code release. Initial versions are now compiling and operating under in MinGW and MS Visual Studio 2008. Although we missed our goal last month, we're almost ready for a small group of first developers.
  • We spent quite a lot of time reviewing and analyzing the REBOL web sites and our community feedback on it (thanks!) These are big websites with more than 75000 pages in total. Yes, too much. Of course only a dozen of those pages really matter to new visitors. So, we know our marketing "message, motto, and image" we want to project, and we have a new layout structure for the site... with a more standard structure. I will admit that graphics has been a challenge.

Goals for December

  • The Core host environment will be released, with major updates each week until it is stable, acceptable, and documented for initial developers. I'll be "in the cave" until this is accomplished.
  • Personally, I'd like to see the View host environment also released. This would enable development community progress to resume on graphics, the GUI, and also on ports to other systems, such as OS X. Maybe some Christmas candy, but no promises.
  • If possible, we'll bring the new website online. If you have website graphic design experience, please contact me.
  • Minor fixes to the blog RSS feed. Just some quick ones to make it more presentable in a few readers.
  • Enjoy a great holiday and have a happy new year.


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