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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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27-Aug-2009 22:37 GMT

Article #0424
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Our REBOLer friend, Pekr, recently brought this REBOL-related website to my attention:

Well, it was a bit of a surprise. It is possible someone contacted me about it before, but from the domain name, I thought I'd already been there. Funny how that happens.

So, don't let the name mislead you. It's much more than just another tutorial. It includes articles, programs, links, and other insights. It looks like the site is also planning to support community submissions. (I even tried to create an account for myself, but it's not very clear as of yet how that's accomplished.)

The site also contains a sizzling commentary on RT's wonderful marketing savvy: "The JSON Saga: an IT Marketing’s lesson for Rebol?" Yes, some good points there... many have been said before, and it's always good to hammer on this topic.

Yes, our marketing needs to change. There's always a tendency to let marketing activities slide while development takes our full energy. But, as we near the finish line for R3, we need to ramp up on the marketing a lot more.

BTW, if you have inputs on this topic of marketing, post them either publicly in the attached comments or privately to me on the feedback link.

Anyway, we'll add RebolTutorial to our main web links to give newcomers a quick way to reach it. A useful resource for everyone who REBOLs.


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