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R3.0 Plan for August 2009

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
13-Aug-2009 19:43 GMT

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During July:

Major enhancements and bug fixes were made during July, with 11 new releases published, many of them containing major changes, including solving a variety of language consistency issues. (And I'd like to thank all those who were involved in that effort.)

  • Many security related changes were made, including adding file sandboxes and new security policies, limits, and tests. The SECURE function documentation was substantially updated.
  • The user program context was split off from the system context, a major change to the runtime global environment. Scripts run in their own context, with their own copies global variables, including all functions.
  • The TRACE function was expanded to provide backtracing, an important feature for debugging crashes after they happen.
  • Dates were converted to consistently use UTF internally, with conversions to local timezones as needed at the interfaces. New refinements were added to related functions.
  • Finally, toward the end of the month, releases slowed down while major work was done to provide extensions (previously called plugins). This work lapped over into August.

See the R3 Releases change log for full details.

Goals for August

Resume with unfinished items outline earlier. Mainly:

  • Release of the extension mechanism, including documentation and numerous examples.
  • Text handling for READ and WRITE functions (auto-UTF and line feed conversions.) This change makes scripts easier to write.
  • Basic support for file modes.
  • Continued bug fixes and minor enhancements as listed on CureCode.


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