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Nice little colorized REBOL code viewer/editor

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
10-Apr-2009 17:49 GMT

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Sometimes I get so busy on design work that I don't take time to see other cool REBOL events and programs. Fortunately, my old friend Petr in Czech Republic will send me a note. Here's one he mentioned today.

Here's a nice little syntax-coloring REBOL code viewer/editor that was posted recently on Google-sites by Steeve Logan: "Colorisation syntaxique" (Credit goes to Shadwolf and Steeve. Nicely done, but maybe needs a shorter name? For more, the project archive is hosted by Shadwolf at:

If you click on the link, you can see a few screen shots. And, the editor is only 50 KB (23 KB LMF, and only 7 KB MLFC!), so it's quick to download. Give it a try.

I like the idea of REBOL-as-editor (as I'm sure I've said before.)

Why in 2009 would I want that? Well, let's see... maybe I'm an idiot, but last time I tried to get Eclipse running, I gave up after... I'm not sure, maybe after the 40 MB Java engine update. I lost track and also lost interest.

Many "modern" software developers and gurus think code editing systems (and IDEs) need to be large and complicated to get the job done. I do not. And, I think I'm not alone. (After all, how am I writing this blog? Is it with some fancy super-text-processor? No, in fact, it's a humble little HTML edit box. Really super-minimalist, but oh-so-convenient and gets the job done.)

Anyway, when you integrate an editor with a language like REBOL, you can get some very productive results... with very little code. I think there's a lot we can do with it, because we bring the deep semantics of REBOL into play. When it's all done, yes, it might be 25 KB LMFC. A huge monster-of-a-program, no?

And let's not forget, in theory, it will run across all major platforms. Where, I can install it in... what, 10 seconds?


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