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What will it take for more releases of R2?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
24-Mar-2009 22:00 GMT

Article #0403
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I've read a few users asking when they'll see a new R2 release. With R3 so high on the priority list, R2 changes are in the background.

But, my answer to the question is really: it depends on you. Here's why: When it comes to R2 releases, 90% of my time is spent on testing. It's because I'm the "final filter." You might care about a specific bug or change, but I've got to care about everything. I can't release a broken version.

Do I think it's possible to solve this problem? Yes. If you want to discuss it, goto #35 in R3 Chat. Essentially, we need one really dedicated "R2 release manager" -- someone to replace me on it. (I'll just be a SW engineer on some of the code.) That person will organize everything about the release, including getting it tested, bug processing, documentation, announcements, distros, etc.

Let me say one more thing: There will be some strict limits to what we can do in R2. A lot of what R3 does cannot be duplicated in R2, and that's why there is an R3. The priority of its release does not change.


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