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Mac OS X Cocoa Plans

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
11-Mar-2009 23:08 GMT

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I want to clarify our plans with regard to OS X development.

Simply stated:

  • For REBOL 3.x, we plan to use Cocoa. (More below.)
  • For REBOL 2.x, we do not plan to port to Cocoa at this time.

Currently, for OS X, REBOL 3.0 uses the Posix model at the C library level. However, for the rest of the environment, we would like to use Cocoa.

Although building a basic Cocoa app is fairly easy, our integration with the R3 core will be a more bit complicated. Cocoa takes over the entire application model in a broad way, but REBOL applications use their own OS independent application model (a bit similar to how web pages or Flash apps work).

However, we are encouraged by the fact that various scripting languages are now running in Cocoa. Also, a lot of the effect of Cocoa really applies to the outer layer of REBOL, it's Host environment. We hope we can isolate it properly.

So, if you have deeper experience with writing OS X Cocoa code, and you want to help bring REBOL into that domain, please contact me, and let's figure out the details to move forward with it.


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