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The Purpose of the Guide

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
9-Mar-2009 19:32 GMT

Article #0398
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As time permits, an hour here and there, I try to find time for improving the new REBOL 3.0 Documentation.

Part of the project has been to break the document into three parts:

  1. Guide - a quick introduction to main ideas, such as how to run a script, how to define a function, how to read and write files. We want it to be really concise and to the point.
  2. Concepts - the deeper discussions of specific concepts of the language, for example unifying theory of series abstraction or importance of dialecting.
  3. Reference - detailed descriptions of functions, datatypes, errors, etc.

The Guide section is what most new users are going to read (that is its intended audience). And, because it is a new section, it is also the least complete, and filling it in is an important goal. Over the weekend I roughed-in three more sections of it.

The Guide has one main purpose: to get users learning REBOL. It is not a comprehensive discussion of concepts, but it can make links to those concepts where needed. It is not really a tutorial either, because it's brief and to the point.

The reason the Guide is part of the R3 Documentation is to make it well integrated - woven into the documentation as a whole. Also, because it is in the wiki, it can be refined and polished continuously.

And finally, one of the purposes of this note was to invite you to help with the R3 documentation... and to let you know the purpose of the Guide section, so it can serve that specific audience really well.


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