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Dog food, wine, and the road to the release

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
20-Nov-2008 1:40 GMT

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Microsoft talks about how they like to eat their own dog food, meaning, they like to use their own development tools.

I agree with that general concept, except of course, as a winemaker, I rather prefer to drink our own wine. (I've never tasted the food I give my dog, but it doesn't smell that great, so why eat it.)

Nothing helps improve REBOL more than when we use it for our own purposes. It's a type of stress test where you discover the deeper problems, because you're not just writing tests, your actually trying to get work done. It's not theory, it's reality.

As I wrote earlier this month, it's time to get R3 into the hands of more developers. In order to do that, there are a number of important issues that need to be solved, and this has been the week to solve them. It's been the week of making decisions.





Website URL

Nothing fancy is needed here, as long as developers recognize that they are using a test version of REBOL that is not 100% complete (will have bugs and more changes). In fact, the biggest task here is to automate the web page so we can make updates as easy as possible.


DocBase wiki

I think we all agree that Mediawiki (the wiki tool) is not perfect, but it is at least a starting point. We can revisit this issue again, if someone wants to supervise a better alternative to it.

Bug Database


For keeping track of bugs, we will be using CureCode, a REBOL product from SoftInnov. We thank them for hosting it on their site. So, we're drinking some good wine here.

Source Archive


Here's where we really need to drink our own wine. I spent a lot of time on DevBase earlier this year, and although it's missing a few remaining features, I think it can be improved to do the job. In addition, a new R3 GUI will be created for R3 to directly access DevBase. I expect it to be less work than R2, and it will greatly help us to improve R3.



This has been difficult to solve, and the development community has discussed a range of possibilities. Unfortunately, when something is difficult to solve, it means that the requirements are not well defined or are overly complicated. (See earlier blog.)

As I wrote before, the schedule is to get the above completed this month (Nov). So far, we're 2 of 5. The distribution web page is minor, because we have tools for that.

The DevBase improvements are very important to me personally, and I'm eager to reshape it in R3, because it's an excellent test (and a superior motivator).


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