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Grindstones, caves, focus, and multitasking not.

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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23-Aug-2008 21:30 GMT

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Ok, I will be the first to admit that I am a horrible communicator when I have a top level focus that requires all of my attention, energy, and creativity. During those times, I'm in the cave, nose to the grindstone. (That's not a mixed metaphor, is it?)

I've always been like that... even back into the 1980's when I wrote the Amiga multitasking OS kernel. I would focus entirely on it for months and ignore just about everything else. That's what it took. The passion produced the result. Nothing else could.

I joke with my friends... as the person who brought multitasking to personal computing in the 1980's (back in the day when people would say "multitasking, what is that?") I am very single-task oriented when it comes to big projects. That's what it takes to get them finished.

I don't think I'm alone in this behavior. Most of the best developers, creators, builders I know do the same thing. In fact some of them won't even get on the telephone, let alone send email or IM. They just vanish. Then, one day, they return, usually with something wonderful and finished... a well constructed well thought-out design. (I will never forget RJ Mical locking himself in an office at Amiga for three weeks, and he did not reappear until Intuition, the Amiga's revolutionary new GUI was finished... and documented too.)

Yes, I know that as REBOL chief the seclusion is a problem... and our friend Pekr nags me constantly. But, it is difficult. In fact, if you search the web, you'll find my prior attempts.

I mention all of this publicly because...

  1. I know it hurts the REBOL cause to not be out there talking and promoting our revolution constantly and with every opportunity.
  2. Bringing others into the communication would probably help, no? (As long as they are experts in the REBOL domain.)
  3. It would be cool to find a solution that works.

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