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Slow blog day... month... summer? Creativity shortage?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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1-Oct-2007 2:21 GMT

Article #0341
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Does it seem that my blog postings have s..l..o..w..e..d to a stop? Well, indeed they have. Sorry about that! The REBOL 3.0 project has been taking so much time and creative energy, there's not much left for other projects, such as the blog.

Many years ago, I noticed that creative energy was no different than other energies. There's only so much available, then you run out.

Now this is kind of a weird concept, isn't it? Set your Ipod to the Twilight Zone opening theme. Good, now continue...

Normally, you'd think that creative energy is infinite, because after all, it is synthesized from the human mind and spirit. We think that a human can just keep creating and creating, and biologically at least, it only takes so many calories of energy. Right?

No, wrong! There is some kind of limit. I'm not sure its origin or mechanism, but you only get so much creative energe, then you're done.

Maybe it's a limit of the human brain's ability to interlink neurons with each other and fire synapses; I don't know. And, for those who believe the brain is just an interface to something greater, maybe the shortage is more "cosmic" than that - some kind of cosmo-creative bandwidth problem - like too many users on your wifi channel.

But, I've noticed this same creativity limit elsewhere too. Consider that fantastic singer or band that you liked so much... why didn't they make a second CD? What's taking so long for the next one? Etc, etc.

Here's one of my favorite examples: Tom Cruise. In the movies, he's a great actor, high energy, fantastic creativity in his role. Really puts himself into it.

Tom Cruise. Photo by Kevin Ballard.

Then, watch him on TV "when he comes home from work". Boring. Burnt out. He puts so much into his film work, there's not much left for television interviews. Just the shell.

Now, it may seem strange to use Tom as an example here, but he's just one observation of many - just another small data point in the larger chart.

I've noticed that same effect, even on a daily basis. When I have a great day and accomplish some amazing design or programming feat, at the dinner table with the family, I'm a virtual zombie. A Homer Simpson. Whatever it is that supplies that massive surge of creative energy gets exhausted and only an empty shell of human wit remains. Hardly enough to, at dinner, be in the same mental dimension as my teenage kids.

Fortunately, creative energy appears to be a lot like a battery: it recharges quickly under the right conditions. I once thought that living on SassenRanch, far from the maddened crowds, making and drinking good Cabernet would help... but, whatever this mysterious energy is, those factors are irrelevant. The source is more profound.

I suppose, if we could discover and tap the true source of this energy, it would be quite powerful... a new form of nuclear power. But then, as in all things, other limits would soon be reached. Yes, there is always a balance point. A good thing, I think.


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