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Extending COMPRESS with Zip

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
4-Apr-2007 20:51 GMT

Article #0330
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As pointed out in this REBOL zip archiver and unarchiver script, it is possible to extend REBOL with the standard zip, even as a script.

Of course, it's also been pointed out that this feature should be built-in, since most of the algorithm is already part of REBOL. We can keep the REBOL compress function as it is for compatibility, but add one or more refinements to do zip.

Here's the plan: I will add it to REBOL 3.0, if I can get some volunteers to work with me to define the necessary refinements, C code, and tests. After that tests out, I can back-port it to 2.7 with little effort.


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