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Ok, so what happened to

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
12-Mar-2007 21:21 GMT

Article #0322
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There's nothing like a major server crash to get me out of the REBOL 3.0 development cave and swim back to the surface. (I guess it's an underwater cave, eh?)

So, why did it go down?

I wrote earlier that I thought it might be related to an OS update. Hard to say. It's still quite a mystery.

It could be a hard drive failure. Maybe. Although, it seems quite strange to me to see the exact same crash behavior on two different servers in a single month. Of course, they are housed in the same facility, so that could be a factor.

What might be affected?

Fortunately, there were backups running for the important databases, like the main web pages, my blog(s) content, and the RAMBO bugbase. I'm thankful for that.

Other data files may not be so lucky. For example, we count on the inherent redundancy (distributed data) of the AltME worlds (REBOL3 in this case) to back those up. Also, the status of the blog comment databases remain unknown.

So, it's still too early to know the details... but I will keep you posted.

How does this affect REBOL 3.0 development?

I hope not much! Of course, these things always take some of my time, and until we know the condition of the hard drive, I'm not sure.


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