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Quick Update: Same Direction, Same Goals

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
5-Nov-2006 18:42 GMT

Article #0308
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I wanted to write a quick memo to help clarify the current priorities - especially in reference to The REBOL Week note about "changing directions a bit".

Nothing has changed.

Our direction is still the same. We do many things at the same time - in parallel. Here is a summary:

  • Build REBOL 3.0
    Good progress is being made design of GOBs (optimized graphical objects) and REBOL database/indexed files. With regard to the latter, we are examining the possibility of incorporating the lower layers of the SQLite database (the btree and paging system). Then, on top of that we would provide a direct REBOL DB dialect for implementation of all DB methods. The goal is to add all of this with minimal impact on the overall size of REBOL.

  • Improve REBOL 2.6
    As you know, our goal was to keep updates coming more often, but we've done a poor job on that due to allocating our resources toward REBOL 3.0. We can't keep delaying 2.6 updates. Fixes are needed, so the project priority is increasing.

  • Improve the documentation
    This includes new REBOL tutorials as I mentioned a few weeks ago, but also the dictionary, manual chapters, and much more. I am convinced that we need a wiki approach to those docs, but the bigger question is what is the best wiki?

  • Improve the website
    Some of you may have noticed that the content of various pages has been updated - such as the What is REBOL? page. The goal is to have nearly all pages updated by the time REBOL 3.0 is released. We will also be modernizing the look of the site.

So, we are not changing directions. I apologize if it appears that way - because we simultaneously develop many areas at the same time.

PS: I do admit that we have shifted the release of a few earlier projects like Rebcode, REBOL/Services, and Altissimo (AltME maximo). I assure you, those have not been forgotten! They will play an even larger role within the scope of REBOL 3.0!


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