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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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17-Oct-2006 23:35 GMT

Article #0299
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This time of year, a lot of REBOL beginners, many of whom are students, write to me to say that they are having trouble getting started with REBOL.

Even with the excellent new tutorials (such as those linked on the new tutorials page), some students have problems with the basics. I've heard this from a number of teachers and professors as well.

I have to say that for many years I regret not writing a decent REBOL introductory course. The REBOL Steps and other docs just don't go far enough. Each time I get a feedback from a troubled beginner, it makes me want to do something about it.... but, I always tell myself that I have more important tasks.

Well, tasks are only as important as you make them. Last weekend I received an email from a new user, and that was the final straw. I gave in and took out a few hours to try my hand at some very basic intros. They are not intended to be a replacement for the other tutorials, but to provide a really basic starting point for new users. Eventually I will fold a few of the older docs (like Ten Steps) into this one.

With REBOL 3.0, my hope is that we can build a larger userbase, many of whom might in fact be new to programming. (For example, consider how many artists and non-programmers have created nice web pages or even Konfabulator widgets). So, the new doc is just one small step in the right direction.

Click here to read the REBOL Quick Start pages.


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