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REBOL Devcon 2007 in Paris

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
7-Aug-2006 22:57 GMT

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I really enjoyed visiting France this summer, and I had a great time meeting with REBOL developers there. In fact, while in Paris, I agreed to make that city the location for the 2007 REBOL Devcon. A date for the event has yet to be determined, but I just wanted to prepare you in advance for that location.

Paris required for REBOL 3.0?

I should comment that I enjoyed Paris so much, that I've joked around with friends about moving to Paris to work on the hugely demanding REBOL 3.0 project. (To help you relate to the scale of it, writing R3.0 is like writing a major novel, but in fact, more difficult. After all, in relating programming to prose, misplacing a single comma anywhere within the hundreds of pages of text can cause the novel to "catch fire". In programs, that means crash.)

For creating my art, it is mind stimulating and productive to modify the environment. In the past, inspiration has come from the Mendocino coast (I'll never forget writing large parts of the REBOL manual from a desk overlooking the Pacific, red wine in hand), Hawaii, and even LA (imagine that). And, with regard to the power of Paris to inspire, I think history has proven it many times over.

In addition, sorry that I've not taken the time yet to post photos as of yet. I still plan to do so. But, with more than 1000 new photos on my laptop, selecting a few good ones to share becomes a major project.


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