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A Kona fishing story...

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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26-Apr-2006 21:22 GMT

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Someone posted a message asking why the blog had not been updated in over a week. Exactly what was going on anyway?!

Well, it's been a very long winter with more than 52 inches (132cm) of rain, mudslides and other problems, so... we took time off to scout around for "a good REBOL Devcon 2006" location. This site is not so bad, do you think:

And, if you like the looks of that, I've also got a good fishing story for you:

My son Kurt has always wanted to try some deep sea fishing, so with the help of Captain Will, Kurt reeled in this fine 70 pound Blue Marlin. My son Sean also caught a 100 pounder, but we tagged it and returned it to live another day. (So, let us know if you catch it.)

By the way, Captain Will and his Golden Dragon Fishing Charters in Kona Hawaii were fantastic. We found Golden Dragon quite by accident... by dropping in on the Kona marina late one afternoon. And, as a true fisherman, Will was still hanging about cleaning fish and talking it up with a few locals. We figured this was the guy, and he was. We also appreciate that he extended our charter long enough to help us accomplish our goals. The "big blue of a lifetime", as he says.


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