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Recent AltME News - File Sharing and OSX

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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1-Mar-2006 17:01 GMT

Article #0258
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You've probably already heard that big changes have been happening in the AltME secure instant messaging system.

The most significant addition is file sharing. You can now share folders and files in a easy way. In fact, it's so easy that I now use AltME even when I just need to move a few files from one machine to another. (Even more, I now have my own private world that I use just for my personal notes and "works in progress".)

The file sharing has serveral nice features too. It allows file comments and shows you who created and who last modified files, and when. It also summarizes that info and the total size for directories too (something I've always wanted in Windows).

File icons also change color depending on their sync state. For example, like IOS, red icons mean you modified the file locally. But, also blue icons mean you're out of date locally, and an settings option lets you view your local files as yellow.

If you want to test drive the new AltME, a link to the beta test version should be available on the website later today, along with a new manual page for file sharing. Watch for news blurbs there.

I also hear that there is an OSX version of AltME now using the new 1.3.2 REBOL/View, and that a Windows 1.3.2 version is just around the corner.

We (RT) will be switching over the REBOL3 world to the new beta AltME very soon - probably this week if all goes well.

As you know, AltME is a 100% REBOL application. Both its client and server, as well as its protocols and storage methods all depend on REBOL. I think it provides a great example for what can be done with a small team using the power of REBOL.

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