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Progress Report for Mac OS X

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
9-Jan-2006 23:03 GMT

Article #0246
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A number of useful improvements have been made to the Mac OS X version of REBOL:

  • Timers enabled - most of the Viewtop demos now work.
  • Clipboard support - you can now cut and paste text.
  • Native file requestors - Mac users will be happy about that.
  • Apple command-keys translated - We currently map them to the control keys. This allows things like CMD-V (paste) to mean the same as CTRL-V, automatically making most REBOL scripts Mac friendly.
  • Mouse wheel vertical scrolling - with option key support for accelerated speed.
  • Image datatype RGB byte order - corrected for all big-endian OS X CPUs. This problem caused many of the image functions and refinements to work incorrectly. All have been fixed.
  • Enface (View Encap) is working - It works well enough that we tested it with AltME (which ran quite nicely on OSX!)

The current build of REBOL for OS X can be found on the Test Versions page. Note that it must be run from the Terminal (not bundled, so not from an icon).

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