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REBOL License Summary Page Updated

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
16-Dec-2005 21:07 GMT

Article #0237
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We recently noticed an important publication error: the license agreement that was published in the REBOL viewtop (desktop) Docs folder was wrong. It was an old license that contained various restrictions that were removed many years ago.

To help clarify REBOL licenses, we've updated our REBOL License page to provide a summary of our licenses. For the exact wording of the license, type "license" into the REBOL console at the prompt.

If you decide to contact us regarding our license, please keep in mind that we are a full-time business, not a hobby group. We very much like to support and expand our products and being a commercial organization helps us do that. And, if you have purchased our products, we greatly appreciate your support and commitment to the REBOL vision.

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