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REBOL Holiday Demo Contest, Anyone?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
15-Dec-2005 19:03 GMT

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What's it been? Five years... since the last REBOL demo contest? That's too long!

As a creative person, I always enjoy seeing what things people can dream up for those little demos. (Anyone remember the Amiga demos? Someone told me they are still going on.) And, now with the new DRAW (AGG) effects, demos should become even more interesting.

Sure, yes, I know... why should we do demos when there's real work to do? Well, mainly because they are fun and inspiring and very short term. Have you tried the Imagine or Cyphre demos for View 1.3? Also, over the Christmas holidays, a lot of students are home from school and are looking for interesting projects to dig into (rather than just shovel snow around). So, this is a good time to have some fun, relax, and not grind your teeth. Maybe I can even get RT to throw in an IPod for the winner. Students love IPods. Yes they do.

So, what should be the rules? Perhaps a limit on the size of the script. It needs to be fast to download. We can setup a demo upload/download area on the View desktop. So, what deadline date? Early January? Before students return to school. Who should judge the winner? Vote of the REBOL community or RT worldwide staff?

Let Gabriele (at REBOL . com) or me know what you think. Tell or ask others. Let's see if this builds some energy...


The contest is a go. Check out the Demo Contest Rules.


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