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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
14-Dec-2005 17:15 GMT

Article #0232
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We get quite a few feedback messages with general questions about REBOL, such as "How do I do ___?" For about 75 percent of such questions, we just do a Google search to easily find the answer links.

Yes, I know, this seems really obvious. Sorry, but, the fact is, not everyone uses Google. However, I must say that when it comes to REBOL-related content, Google is hard to beat. If you can't get the answers you want from MSN or Yahoo, please give Google a try before sending us a feedback. It is also a lot faster than waiting for our response (but we do reply to each message, eventually). All you need to do is be sure to put the word REBOL in your search. For example: "REBOL encryption".

Now, if your feedback question is really meant to say "We need more documentation about _______ because we searched Google and found nothing useful," then please let us know that!

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