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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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9-Dec-2005 15:47 GMT

Article #0228
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Here is handy way to test little REBOL code snippets. I use it quite often, so I thought I should point it out to new users.

Run REBOL/View and when the viewtop (the REBOL desktop) appears, press CTRL-E. The internal REBOL editor will pop up. Type in the REBOL code you want to test...


view layout [
    backeffect [gradient navy leaf]
    btn "Browse" [browse]

Now from the editor, press CTRL-E to evaluate the code. You will be asked to save it (the default is temp.txt but you can name the file whatever you want), and the code will be evaluated.

The nice thing is that the code is launched as a separate process, so if it throws an error, no problem, the editor keeps running.

You can also run the editor from the REBOL command line with:

editor none

Or, if you want to start out with an existing object:

editor face

or, start with the source of a REBOL function:

editor mold :view

or, a web page (you've got to try this one, if you haven't already):


Well, you get the idea. I thought I'd just make you aware of it, if you didn't already know.

PS: Yep, the editor could still use a few improvements (like undo). Here's the source code, so have at it:


Post your improved version (with code that is still small and clean), or send it to feedback, then we can all be better off.


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