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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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22-Aug-2005 19:04 GMT

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If you ever get the chance to hike on up to British Columbia, Canada, do it. It's an amazing place. Bordered on the west by thousands of kilometers of waterways and on the east by incredible mountains, this makes for a great REBOL hangout.

We spent most of our time in the mountain village of Whistler, located about two hours northeast of Vancouver, BC.

Cindy and I scaled Whistler peak (with the help of a gondola ride and ski lift). What an amazing view of the BC coastal mountains.

One day, we headed off to nearby Pemberton for some horseback riding. While in Pemberton, I had hoped to drop in on a Canadian REBOLer friend who lives in the area (who had visited us in Ukiah a few years back), but couldn't quite locate him.

(So, who's that grinning fool on the mighty REBOL steed?)

Here's a photo of brave Cindy zipping 50 meters above a rushing river. They have it set up to make it easy to zip from tree to tree. Great fun.

I knew right off Canada was going to be great... It's like they speak my language here. This is the gondola entrance:

So, maybe it's time we get more Canadians hooked on REBOL (more French translations of the docs should help with that)... then we can come back and visit more often.

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