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REBOL/View 1.3 Released

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
13-Jun-2005 0:29 GMT

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Finally! It's out...

As you know, our goal was to release an official new version of REBOL/View that included hundreds of changes made over the last few years. We did that, plus we made many more additions and fixes along the way... making improvements up to the final deadline.

The REBOL/View 1.3 release accomplishes several things...

  • It gives new users a much better feel for REBOL. Most of the problem areas have been fixed, and there are many useful new features. Also, we've cleaned up and reorganized the Viewtop (View desktop) to give a better first impression (and we will continue to add and improve on it in the months ahead).

  • REBOL developers can move forward again and build products that rely on many of the changes and enhancements that have been made.

  • The community as a whole will now pick up new energy to create and publish new scripts and documentation.

Of course, we're not stopping here just because we reached View 1.3.0. We're going to keep the momentum going and look ahead to what we need in the next release. We plan each additional release to focus on a specific area or set of features, but keep sending those bug reports, because those will get fixed along the way as well.

I would like to thank again the entire development team: including Gabriele Santilli, Richard Smolak (Cyphre), and Gregg Irwin, with additional contributions from Romano Paolo Tenca and Ladislav Mecir, and advice from Robert Muench, Jaime Vargas, and Maarten Koopmans. Special thanks goes to Maxim Shemanarev for his incredible AGG library and advice on its usage. Plus many thanks to Richard Westlake who powers the REBOL dev site on the net. I thank Kurt Sassenrath of his help in creating various new images (including the one above). And finally, I want to thank so many of you who contributed to 1.3 development more than a year ago. We truly have a remarkable community in the world of REBOL.

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