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The INSTALL and UNINSTALL helper functions

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
7-Jun-2005 23:54 GMT

Article #0173
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Some of you may have noticed two new functions in recent 1.2.1xx releases of REBOL: install and uninstall. These functions are provided to make it easier for you to both reinstall and uninstall REBOL (really good for testing purposes, hint hint).

 Installwill force a reinstall. It is like running REBOL/View with the +i or --reinstall command line options.
 Uninstallwill start an uninstall. It runs REBOL/View with the -u or --uninstall command line options.

Uninstall is good for those of you who did not install REBOL/View (you selected the "Go ahead without installing it" option) but decided later that you should have. In that case, a file is created in the view-root directory to indicate that REBOL will bypass the install forever. Uninstall will delete that flag file. Then, you can do a normal install after that.

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