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Min-Face: Just an idea to consider

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
27-May-2005 18:37 GMT

Article #0168
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If you knew of the Amiga multitasking executive, you may remember the way the OS objects were layered. From the concept of a simple node came all the constructs of libraries, devices, tasks, and more.

In REBOL, it may be possible to do something similar for the FACE object. In other words, we could create a MIN-FACE that contains OFFSET, SIZE, and a few more fields. The higher level semantics of FACE would be removed. This would allow lower level graphics applications to optimize usage.

It's just an idea. And, it won't be in View 1.3... but, if we refine the idea and discover it to be valuable, it may be worth doing.

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