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REBOL/View 1.3 Continues to Build

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
15-May-2005 3:08 GMT

Article #0163
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REBOL/View 1.3 beta releases have just reached 1.2.107. Hundreds of changes have been made, and it is still only about 70% complete (we are saving mezzanine, view, VID, and Viewtop changes for last). The latest release includes the DRAW changes based on AGG 2.3 (from

For testing purposes we will begin posting test files within the REBOL/View Tests folder. Here is the latest test, created by Cyphre and based on McSeem's (AGG creator Maxim Maxim Shemanarev) simulation example. It is simple, but fun to watch. Of course, I think this is one of those "tests" that was just "too much fun" to make. You're not supposed to enjoy testing, are you?

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