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Road to REBOL/View 1.3

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
5-May-2005 20:37 GMT

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Yes, REBOL/View 1.3 has been attempted before, but as they say... the third time is a charm. This time we have a very specific plan and path. Here is the overall goal:

The goal is to release an official new version of REBOL/View that includes the hundreds of changes made over the last few years. In other words, turn the current Beta into an actual release.

The reason for this release is to solve these problems:

  1. New users who download and try REBOL/View will no longer experience bugs and problems that have been fixed (some of them fixed years ago). There are also many new and useful features.

  2. Existing developers can build products that rely on newer changes because there will be an official release.

  3. It will provide a new basis for scripts, documentation, and other work done by the REBOL community at large.

This diagram summarizes the path to View 1.3:

Description of diagram: (Note: Actual version numbers may vary.)

 1.2.100[Done: 4-May-2005] Merges the fixes and improvements made within the REBOL/Async alpha kernels. Note this does not include: async handlers, new GC (garbage collection), or /seek refinement.
 1.2.101Merges the new SVG DRAW (AGG) features (again from the alpha builds). All of the SCG graphics features will be there, but for portability reasons (to Linux, OSX, etc.), text font functions will be very limited in this new version of DRAW.
 1.2.102Integrates Mac OSX changes, allowing 1.3 to support OSX. (So now you know why OSX has been a recent priority.)
 1.2.10X(Not shown) Adds fixes related to VID, requestors, install, public dir (default location of sandbox), and the Viewtop. Other critical changes and fixes may also be present.
 1.3.0The official release (May 2005).

Additional notes:

  1. Documentation - More complete documentation for REBOL/View needs to be provided as part of this release. We are looking for writers to help us with this, either officially or unofficially.
  2. About VID - VID (Visual Interface Dialect) has been the problem with prior release attempts. I think most of us agree that it is better to get something released, even if it's not the be-all end-all. We don't plan to fix every issue of VID, but we do plan to clean up a few problem areas and make sure the primary styles are available.
  3. Installer - The install step will be optional. When not installed, View will run as it does right now (open to console or run a script). If you type "install" at the prompt, it will add the .r associations and locate the public home directory in a common user-relative location (on windows, in the user's profile area). This is still under consideration.
  4. Beyond 1.3 - In order to release 1.3 soon, we cannot solve every issue or add every feature. But, don't worry... we can rapidly put those into newer 1.3.X releases, because with 1.3.0 the biggest issues will be out of the way.
  5. Not Async - The 1.3 release does not contain the REBOL Asynchronous networking kernel or related changes. I just want to make sure that is clear. That will be part of future releases.

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